Veterinary Formula Complete probiotic (30) Chewable Tablets

Veterinary Formula Complete probiotic (30) Chewable Tablets

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These probiotic for dogs have many great benefits including improving gut health, assisting in digestion, promoting absorption of vitamins and minerals and assisting the immune system.

Helps with good bacteria to ensure optimal digestive health. Plus it can boost immunity - restoring user to the coat and contributing to your dog's overall health.

CLINICALLY PROVEN INGREDIENTS: Our proprietary blend of 11 active ingredients optimises the impact our Super Probiotic has on your dog's everyday digestive functions, while ensuring excellent digestive health and peak performance for all our canine friends.

Suitable For ALL DOGS: There is no dog too big and no pup too small to benefit from our probiotic blend, which comes in tasty, easy to eat 4 gram soft chews.